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Erdington Court Bowls Club has taken the decision to close its' indoor facility early in the light of the Corona virus. The closure is effective immediately and is being done to protect a number of potentially 'at risk' members. During this period, the Club will be given a deep clean. The current plan envisages that the Club will re-open on April 6th in time to prepare for the outdoor season. However this will be kept under review in the light of Government advice.

10,000 volunteers are required to assist when the Games take place. These huge sporting events are great fun and only happen once in a lifetime. I worked at the 2002 Games in Manchester and have never forgotten how wonderful it was. For more details on how to volunteer, please click HERE.
Flat green bowls is one of the participating sports and competitors from across the World will be competing at Leamington. The latest issue of 'Bowls International' magazine gives details of the investment being made at Leamington to ensure top class facilities. You can view their web site HERE.



Erdington Court's Paul Vaughan and Mark Ireland were crowned Warwickshire Indoor Bowls Pairs Champions on Saturday. They got off to a rocky start at Birmingham Indoor Bowls Club and were 10:2 down at the half way stage. However their resilience shone through and they took the game 17-14.


The Club was able to top off the indoor season by announcing their 10th local sponsor - Enoch Evans LLP confirmed that they would be joining other local businesses who have shown their sport for this growing Club in recent years.

Reiss Matthews, Partner and Solicitor at Enoch Evans LLP said:
"Supporting the local communities surrounding our offices and working with clubs that are important to the Region is part of the personal approach of Enoch Evans LLP. We are delighted to be working in association with Erdington Court Bowls Club - having grown the firm's footprint from our headquarters in Walsall to a branch in Sutton Coldfield in 2018. I speak for the whole team when I say it is a pleasure to be backing such a great local club."

Ray Woods Marketing Officer for the club added,
"We could not survive and grow as a Club without our sponsors. They are all locally based and actively involved with our members. We are delighted to welcome the support of Enoch Evans LLP as we move into another year of outside competition. The Company will also be offering legal services to members. New members are always welcome to join us!"

Pictured with Club Members are L2R: Reiss Matthews and Steve Nixon of Enoch Evans LLP.

It was another solid home win for Erdington Court at the week end. This time they beat Tamworth at the Court's Bowling Green Close arena by 74:54. Erdington's stars of the day were an all female squad led by Ruth Acum from Great Barr. Together with team mates Mary Webster- Walmley, Joan Garner -  Sutton Coldfield and Pam Ellis - Streetly  they won 24:7.

The Court's pair in the Warwickshire Champion of Champions - also held at home, pulled out all the stops, to beat Birmingham by a stonking by 23:1 and reach the finals of the competition. The Court pair were Mark Ireland from Hodge Hill and Paul Vaughan from Sutton Coldfield and the Birmingham pair, James Heesam and Tony Hill.

This week end sees the final of the Club's 3 week Sandy Powell competition sponsored by Jarrod Morgan Financial Planning of Lichfield. The 4 winners will get afternoon tea at the Ramada Hotel for themselves and a guest - and competition is getting fierce.

Pictured aboved Tamworth Captain Jenny Waight and Erdington Court's Ray Woods in front of their respective teams.

In the latest round of a prestigious Warwickshire Indoor Bowls Association competition, Erdington Court won the tightest of contests at their Bowling Green Close arena.

The Warwick trophy features 8 man squads from across the County. At home to Welford On Avon, the Court won by a single point on each rink. After games lasting over 3 hours, the scores were 15:14 and 25:24 - giving the Court maximum points.Tamworth currently head the League.
Phil Bond maintained his winning run of 5 wins out of 5 and the result keeps the club towards the top of the table.

The league consists of matches against other indoor clubs - Tamworth, Solihull, Birmingham, Avon Valley, Coventry and Welford.

Erdington Court welcomes new members of all abilities and offers free coaching courses. It is the only Club in North Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield and South Staffs with a full size indoor arena. The Club can be contacted on 07967 686230. You can also visit their web site at and follow them on Facebook at Erdington Court Bowls Club and on Twitter@bowlsflat.


A 4 man squad from Erdington Court formed part of a Warwickshire team that beat Oxfordshire Indoor County Bowls Association 117:127 at Oxford. The Court squad consisted of Alan Bowen - Aldridge, Neil Ballinger New Oscott, John Green from Stechford and Ray Woods from Pype Hayes. The next fixture takes place this week away to Northamptonshire.

We have continued our strong indoor home record, beating Shrewsbury 82:59 at home. More and more ladies are taking place in these matches and competitions-  and formed the majority of the  Court team on this occasion. This reflects our emphasis on mixed teams and our strong recruitment activity in the last 5-6 years.  Flat green bowls is one of the Birmingham Commonwealth sports in 2022 and we think that this will also help to boost interest in the sport.

At home again - to Greyfriars this time, the result was 83:47 to Erdington Court. Another great result, spearheaded by Tim Hartland's team who won 29:7.
MEN VS LADIES 1st January 2020

The Club ladies were 2:1 up in the series going into the latest match and tension was in the air! As it turned out, the men had been practicing - and had recovered their mojos sufficiently to win 80:54, and on 3 out of the 4 rinks.

Pictured Terry Yates, Captain of the Ladies and men's captain, Ray Woods

We are sad to report that Keith passed away on 30th December 2019 having reached his 100th birthday just a short while ago,

Keith was a great all round sportsman and a life Trustee of the Club for over 70 years. In recent years he was incredibly supportive to those doing work for the Club and its members. He was to be seen playing with Rob on the outdoor green well into his 90's.

He first won a cricket batting cup in 1939 and a further 9 times after WWII. He was MCC cricketer of the year in 1978 for his contribution to administration of the game. His services to club cricket included being Captain, Committee Member and Groundsman (!) for 35 years.

In Bowls, Keith first won the Club’s Singles Championship in 1938. He held over 31 Club titles in total. He also won numerous Birmingham, Warwickshire and Midlands titles. Together with brother Russell and 2 other Club members, he won the English Bowling Association’s National 4s Championships in 1978.

Keith and Russell represented England in the British Isles Championships in 1979 and Keith also had 6 international trials.

He was Club Secretary for many years and a Birmingham delegate to Warwickshire for 48 years.

He was made a life member of Warwickshire County Bowls Association for his services

He was part of a family whose history has been intertwined with of that of the Club, extending back to the early 1900's - when it formed part of the local Methodist Church.



First winner of the new Jarrod Morgan Boxing Day Morning trophy is Dave Wright of Minworth who only joined from another Club a week before...

Shows what the offer of mulled wine and mince pies can do!

Junior winner was Oliver Bathurst (see below), and Sandra Newey won the novices/non bowlers trophy.

Thanks to the Robinson family for organising, to Jarrod Morgan Financial Planning of Lichfield for the new trophy and to CHS Healthcare for the pens ysed during the event!

Thanks also to everyone who came along and supported.


Not only did 'Strictly' reach a climactic final on Saturday, but Erdington Court's 3 week competition organised by Peter and Terry Yates from Sutton Coldfield also produced 4 winners!

The 'Road To Santa' sponsored by Star Cars and Coaches of the Yenton - who have more than 250 private hire drivers, involved over 30 Court Club players, with Star donating a large number of prizes.

The Cup for the winners was presented by Garry Kilday Marketing Manager for Star and colleague Zomir Miah - one of their drivers.

Meanwhile a Court 4 man squad played mid week for the Warwickshire County President Paul Brown against Birmingham Indoor Bowls Club - and were one of only two winning rinks. The squad consisted of Tom Collier - Sutton Coldfield on his first outing for Warks, Alan Bowen - Aldridge, Ray Woods - Pype Hayes and skip Neil Ballinger from New Oscott.

Erdington Court welcomes new members of all abilities and offers free coaching. The Club can be contacted on 07967 686230. You can also visit their web site at and follow them on Facebook at Erdington Court Bowls Club and on Twitter@bowlsflat.

9th December 2019

It was a busy week end at Erdington Court's Bowling Green Close arena, featuring a local (friendly) derby on Sunday - with the Court beating Birmingham Indoor Bowls Club by just 2 points overall, after 2 hours of play. The final score was 65:63 with the 18th and final end making the difference.

Shortly before, the Court's Warwick trophy squad had clawed their way to a 1 rink win over Coventry in a third round match - and taking it overall on points.

Saturday saw the second round of the Star Cars Road to Santa Club competition that culminates this week end. The winners will be announced on Saturday afternoon.

This week also features an all men Court squad amongst a Warwickshire President's invitation team - playing a six rink fours match at Birmingham.

Erdington Court welcomes new members of all abilities and offers free coaching. The Club can be contacted on 07967 686230. You can also visit their web site at and follow them on Facebook at Erdington Court Bowls Club and on Twitter@bowlflat


Erdington Court is one of a handful of Clubs in the Midlands with a full size indoor arena - making bowls an all round the year affair, with a membership close to 250.

The Club has a close working relationship with local sponsors. This week saw the start of the 3 week 'Road to Santa' sponsored by Star Cars of the Yenton.- and featuring over 30 both men and women players and 8 -10 hours of competitive bowls.

Boxing Day also sees the annual morning outdoor fun fixture sponsored by Jarrod Morgan Financial Planning of Lichfield.

Those close links with sponsors also incorporate a series of talks and visits. this week saw Annalisa Fear of Sutton Coldfield based CHS Healthcare answering questions about the free services they offer to source home care and care homes for loved ones.

Marketing Officer Ray Woods said, "The success of our Club is built on offering good quality facilities to play bowls at all levels in a friendly atmosphere the whole year round - and the support of our local sponsors underpins everything we do, including access to specialist and trusted services for members. We want to see local businesses thriving."

In January, the Club begins 3 months of Club Championships for members.

Erdington Court welcomes new members of all abilities and offers free coaching courses. The Club can be contacted on 07967 686230.

You can also view their web site at and follow them om Facebook at Erdington Court Bowls Club and on Twitter@bowlsflat.

Pictures: Players ready for Round 1 of the Star Cars Road to Santa. Rob Robinson Club Chair with right, Annalisa Fear of CHS Healthcare assisted by young player Imogen Francis of Erdington.

Erdington Court kicked off their Warwick Trophy campaign with an away win at City of Birmingham Indoor Bowls Club.

Led by John Pritchard from Sutton Coldfield and Phil Bond from Hurley in Warks, they won on both rinks, albeit by narrow margins.

The overall score was 44:48 however which meant that they took a maximum 7 points. Their next match is at home to Coventry on the 8th December.

Back at their Bowling Green Close arena, football was in the air as 24 men and women Club players battled it out - representing Midland Clubs in one of the series of themed events, organised this time by David Ballantyne. In what may be an omen of things to come in the real Premier League, the team representing Leicester took the title - led coincidentally by life time Leicester supporter Peter Yates of Sutton Coldfield. Unlike football, bowls is a truly mixed sport and his fellow players were Shirley Watts and Doreen Cresswell, also of Sutton. Together, they beat the  'Wolves' team 28:7.

This week, the prestigious 3 week 'Road to Santa' begins - sponsored for the second year by Star Cars and Coaches of the Yenton and featuring over 30 players.

Erdington Court welcomes new members of all abilities and offers a 4 week free coaching course. They can be contacted on 07967 686230. You can also visit their web site at and follow them on Facebook: Erdington Court Bowls Club and on Twitter:@bowlsflat.


Erdington Court's look back at the outdoor season was a celebration of success. Chair of Trustees Rob Robinson from Sutton Coldfield said that the Club's competitive achievements were the best in 20 years, and membership and finances were in robust health. Eric Watts was thanked for his efforts in restoring the financial health of the Club over the last 5-6 years. Eric has now stood down as Trust adviser (The Trust owns the Club facilities) following a spell of ill health.

Reports were held from all Bowls Club officials - and a new outdoor committee elected for 2020. Work on outdoor fixtures is already well under way.

In the Birmingham area, the Club men had almost swept the board in competitions and players had reached County and national finals. Player Mark Ireland from Hodge Hill had been outstanding and had been nominated by Warwickshire for a national trial. Rob outlined a further extensive programme of investment in Club facilities over coming months.

The Court has multiple teams playing in the Birmingham-wide Evergreens and Ivy Leagues, as well as in County leagues and competitions.

Competitions Secretary Peter Yates also from Sutton Coldfield said that participation levels amongst Club members had again increased year on year and the indoor leagues now underway had attracted record entries. Newer men and women members were continuing to 'raise the bar' as the overall standard of competition rose. A number of outdoor games had attracted over 40 Club entrants.

Finances had been boosted by an increase in the number of Club sponsors and by a regular programme of social activity. In April 2020, over 50 Club members will be travelling to play in Spain. There are also regular bowls tours within the UK.

A recent 'drop in day' at the Club had further boosted membership and given our coaches Clive and Jean Smith lots to do!

Following on from Rob's report above, you will have noticed the major refurb to the foyer with a new door and flooring. Safety railing has been installed indoors following a serious incident where a spectator was hospitalised.

Other less obvious but essential repairs and maintenance are also planned.

Overall, the Trustees have budgeted £25,000 for repairs and maintenance during 2019 - 2020.

The Club's Social Committee who have done such a great job with your support, have offered to pay for a new electronic scoreboard - to bring us into line with other indoor clubs. This is in the planning stages.

Consideration is also being given to the replacement of the indoor green in 2020.
One of the great things about this Club is how many people have been prepared to take on jobs without reward. Two of those are Mike Kilby and Eileen Merrick. They are organising the trip for 50 Club members to Spain next April - a brave challenge!

For several years they have been organising a card night in the lounge on Wednesday nights and manning the bar! All members are welcome and tuition is given to novices ((but watch out for Beryl!)

In one of the early singles rounds, Mark Ireland beat Adam Smith of the Avenue Leamington by 21:18 in a very close match at Erdington.

John Pritchard has also progressed in the National Indoor Competition (over 60's!). He played at Bromsgrove against Kevin Kinsella winning a 3 hour battle 21-13 over 27 ends. Next match Greg Sampson - Coventry.



David Ballantyne mentioned above has not only been captaining various matches but together with his wife and a small group of helpers has been collecting daily at Sainsburys in Mere Green - and co-ordinating the local appeal. To date, they have raised over £8,000! Last year the total was over £9,000. If you would like to donate, Call David now on 0121 308 6930 or 07887 658602.

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Once again, Erdington Court's 6 all weather rinks were completely full at the weekend.

This time it was 'Captains' Day' - marking the end of the outdoor season before the Club moves indoors.

A mixture of 48 Club men and women took to the greens. This season marked another innovation at the Club - with not just 1, but 3 Captains taking charge!

Ray Woods, a spokesman for the Club said,
"To be Captain for the whole of the season is a very onerous task as we
                                        Pictured front: David Ballantyne, Peter Yates and Roy Webster.

play so many matches. As part of our Club development programme, it was decided to split the job - and it has been such a success that it is being repeated during the indoor season. The 3 Captains were David Ballantyne, Peter Yates and Roy Webster - all from Sutton Coldfield."

The Club has also announced that it has a new sponsor - Davenport Family Research, who take the slog out of tracing your ancestors by doing it for you! The Club currently has 9 local sponsor companies and is expected to announce further investment in facilities shortly.

Applications for indoor membership are now being accepted. You can call 07967 686230 or visit the Club's web site at and follow them on Facebook: Erdington Court Bowls Club - and on Twitter: @bowlsflat.


We are pleased to have a new Club sponsor  for 2019 - 2020 - Davenport Family Research. Kathy Davenport is also a new recruit to our growing band of lady players.
14th /15th SEPT 2019


Against a backdrop of blue skies, over 35 competitors and a capacity crowd - drawn from across the Birmingham area, descended on the 6 all weather rinks at Erdington Court. It was the finals of the fiercely fought men's Birmingham Bowling Association (BBA) and Birmingham Women's District Bowling Association competitions (BDWBA). In all, it featured 17 games.

Saturday began with the Court men again winning the prestigious Walker Trophy, beating Kings Heath. The match consisted of fours, triples, pairs and singles contests.

Sunday included the Court's Mark Ireland from Hodge Hill playing over 6 hours of bowls in 3 matches.  It ended with him beating George Morris of Kings Heath to claim the Champion of Champion's Trophy. Mark began this match less than 15 minutes after narrowly beating Court colleague Allen Onion from Sutton Coldfield in a a thrilling 32 end singles contest lasting nearly 3 hours !

Earlier in the men's pairs it had been Court vs Court - with Richard Brittan from Staffs and Mark Ireland beating fellow members Gary Smith and Antony Gould, both from Sutton Coldfield.

On the previous day, Mark had been part of the Court's victorious Walker Cup squad and also part of w inning triples team alongside Rob Robinson and Allen Onion from Sutton Coldfield who beat Sherwood Park convincingly 23:11.

In other notable results, Simon Packwood, James Finch, Paul Finch and Dan Jones from Kings Heath won the Men's Fours beating Solihull Municipal 21;13.

Ladies superstar Mo Tuckett from Solihull Municipal featured in no less than 5 of the 7 ladies finals. With partner, Doug Bott they beat Gill Maund and Malcolm Evans of Sherwood Park in the mixed pairs by the narrowest of margins 19:18. She also went on to win the Ladies unbadged singles and the Ladies 4 wood singles.

The week end was supported by Club sponsors, Johnsons Skoda of Erdington and was held at their Bowling Green Close ground to honour this year's President of the BDWBA, Pat Court from Wylde Green.

Full results and photos can be found in our photo gallery on this site.

9th September 2019

Over 40 players took to the Erdington Court green this week end in 2 days of Club competition finals.

Saturday saw half of the matches won by a margin of 2 or less points.

One of the surprise wins was by newcomer Diane Ludlow from Sutton Coldfield who beat Club veteran Christine Reid from Pype Hayes  22:20.

Diane's husband Ken not to be outdone, won the Open Handicap Pairs with partner Alan Bowen from Aldridge by an even narrower margin of 11:10.They beat another newcomer Simon Kimberley from Four Oaks and his partner Philip Watts  from Sutton Coldfield.

Diane Ludlow, Christine Reid and market Terry Yates

Ray Woods, a spokesman for the Club thanked Competitions Secretary Peter Yates and his wife Terry from Sutton Coldfield for the flawless organisation on both days and in all the preceding rounds.

He added
"We had a record number of entries this year. The standard seems to get better each year. Our year on year recruitment campaigns have brought many new members into the Club - and many of those are now really blossoming."

Erdington Court is now accepting applications for the indoor season and can be contacted on 07967 686230. The Club is open to all abilities and offers free coaching. You can follow them on Facebook at Erdington Court Bowls Club and on Twitter: @bowlsflat.




Delighted that Boldmere Glass have renewed their sponsorship for another year. Members have had replacement UPVC units and glass furniture tops from them and are delighted with the results.

They also fitted new double glazed units to the Club house in recent years.


Two more of Erdington Court's star players are in the headlines. Rob Robinson (Four Oaks (who some may remember as the dentist from the Yenton) and Richard Brittan (Staffs) played in the Midlands Counties pairs over the week end - and won against the Northamptonshire pair of Ben and Adrian Harris on their home green at Kettering Lodge Bowls Club. 19-15 .

This puts them in the Semi-finals at Worcester Bowls Club on Sunday 8th September.

<<<<< Rob and Richard



Johnsons Skoda launch 0% interest deals on new Fabia saloons.

We were looking to replace my wife Elaine's car (which is on a pcp contract that is due to expire). We called in at our great sponsor, Johnson's Skoda and just a few hours before, Skoda had launched 0% interest deals - so guess what!

Interested? Call them now

Ray Woods


One of Erdington Court's star players Mark Ireland is a member of the Warwickshire Bears team that this week end took national honours at the Bowls England Championships in Leamington. Warwickshire won the prestigious Balcomb Trophy at Victoria Park, to win the inter-county double rink crown, supported by the Friends of English Bowling, for the first time since 2014. This is a two fours competition with rounds being played all through the Summer. They defeated Essex, the 2017 winners, in a high quality final of the event that went down to the very last bowl of the match. Essex took an early lead across the two rinks before a run of 16 shots without reply by the Millership rink put Warwickshire ahead. The Squire rink then scored 13 shots without reply, but Essex fought back, followed by singles from Warwickshire on the last four ends played -which gave them the title.

In an emotional statement on social media, the Court's Mark Ireland from Hodge Hill said, " Absolutely over the moon to have won the National Balcomb trophy with Warwickshire today. Thank you to the management team of Martyn Murley (Rugby) and Rob Robinson (Erdington Court) for having the confidence in me, to all my County colleagues for the support you have shown through the season, all the supporters for following the Bears throughout the campaign - none more so than president Geoffrey Moran whom has been with us every step of the way, and last but not least my wonderful wife Christine Marie Bissell with all that you have been through recently and letting me out to play xx. Come on the Bears!"

Erdington Court Bowls Club can be contacted on 07967 686230. The Club welcomes players of all abilities and offers free coaching. Applications for indoor membership are now being accepted.

Picture: Warwickshire Bears with Mark extreme left back row.



Long standing member Pat Court has had the honour of being President of the BDWBA this season.....

After a week of changeable weather the sun came out for us on Sunday.  Bowlers from Blossomfield, Solihull, Sherwood Park, Rowheath and Handsworth Wood Bowling Clubs came together at our Club to help celebrate my Gala President’s Day of the Birmingham District Women’s Bowling Association for 2019.  There was friendly competition between the mixed teams with one team, namely Ruth Acum, Mary Webster and Mo Tuckett coming in overall winners.  There was  a Cake Stall, Bring and Buy and raffle, followed by a fish and chip supper, with much jollity and friendship.  An enjoyable day for all.
Pat Court

More pictures can be found here:



The Court's 'A' team went into the final game at home to Sherwood Park's 'B' team - needing just 2 points to take the Birmingham Bowling Association's (BBA) top League for the 4th successive year.

On Rink 1, the squad led by Rob Robinson from Four Oaks began cautiously,  but after picking up 7 points on one end, they gained traction to win 25:8.

On the other rink, the contest was much more even, but the Court  led by Antony Gould (Sutton Coldfield) dug in to win 20:15, taking 3 points on the last end.

This meant that overall, the team took a fabulous 6 points! A great way to end the season and win the League.

The Court's 'B team were also at home - to Solihull Municipal. Tim Hartland's (Erdington) squad were 6-17 down after 13 ends, but fought back well to finish just 3 shots behind on 15-18.

Peter Yate's (Sutton Coldfield) squad were 4 shots down on the last end by the time he played his last bowl -  but in a spectacular finale, his last wood got into the head and cut the visitor's score down to just 2 shots, giving the squad a 4 shot win at 18-14 and the  'B' team an overall win of 33-32 and a resulting 4 points!

As the outdoor season begins to draw to a close, Erdington Court are re-opening membership of their full size 4 rink indoor arena and of their triples and pairs leagues - as well as casual bowling. The Club boasts an indoor membership of  over 200. Members of all abilities are welcome and free coaching is offered. Call 07967 686230 for more details or visit their web site at




Skoda have just launched the all new SCALA Model. Out of the VW stable, it is based partly on the Golf, so in size terms, mid way between the Fabia and the Octavia. You can view yours at our sponsor Johnsons Skoda on the Tyburn Road in Erdington. Please mention our Club when visiting.

2019 Auto Express New Car Awards
Compact Family Car of the Year
"The new ŠKODA SCALA is a real achievement. It’s good to drive, more practical than most of its rivals and the SCALA is among the best of its breed on value for money." - Auto Express

For more details, click here.

There were two great wins on Monday for our teams in the Ivy League.

A strong squad of Terry Yates, Denise Szostek, Chris Reid and Eileen Merrick all had outstanding games to win at Sherwood park by 28 shots to 7 for the BLUE team, whilst at home the YELLOW team   Lorna Bournes, Ann Mason,  Pat Court and Lorely Edwards couldn't quite match this winning against Solihull 26 shots to 8!

Current league positions show YELLOWS in first place with BLUES hot on their heels in second.  BLUES have 3 games remaining, YELLOWS 4.

Hopefully we can keep this up as the holiday season approaches.

Ann Mason



As the outdoor season peaks, the Court's top players are preparing for the culmination of many rounds of summer competition.

Mark Ireland from Hodge Hill was in top form in the Warwickshire County Finals at the Avenue Club Leamington, to win the 2 Wood - beating the host club's own Martin Heitzman 14:11.

Rob Robinson from Four Oaks and Richard Brittan from South Staffs had also fought a marathon match against Ken Chedgzoy and partner from Welford On Avon to win 10:11 in the Bowls England Men's Senior Pairs national competition. They go forward to the national finals at Victoria Park Leamington in August.

Leamington is the home of Bowls England and is where the  Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 bowls matches will be played.

Erdington Court offers free coaching and welcomes new members of all abilities. In late September their full size indoor 4 rink arena will open for the Autumn and Winter. Early applications for membership are recommended. You can contact the Club on 07967 686230 and visit their web site at You can also follow them on Facebook at Erdington Court Bowls Club and on Twitter @bowlsflat.


Our sponsor Ian Hazel Funerals offer all kinds of funerals and funerals plans including pets.

They are loyal supporters of our Club, having just renewed their sponsorship for another 3 years.


COUNTY News update:

Warwickshire County Semi Finals Day  saw mixed results for Court bowlers

Highlight was a 17-12 pairs victory for Rob Robinson and Richard Brittan over Andy Manning and Dave Fallon from Nuneaton in a high class game lasting nearly 3 1/2 hrs.We now go on to represent Warwickshire at the National Finals at Leamington in August

Together with Allen Onion and Phil Bond we unfortunately had to go straight out with hardly a break and play the Senior Fours against  very strong team from Welford  eventually losing 19-9 after starting the game well.
Above: L2R Richard Brittan, Rob Robinson and Mark Ireland

John Pritchard played Paul Jones from Solihull in the unbadged singles semi final only to lose 21-17 in another good close game.


Mark Ireland reached the last 16 on Friday with a 21-16 win over Alex Lewis from Sherwood Park and now plays Lee Rowland from Leamington.

National Senior Pairs;

RR and RB reached the Warwickshire Area Final  with a narrow 16-14 win over Colin Hall from Ruby Thornfield .
Victory in the final would see us again qualify for the National Finals at Leamington and become the first pair ever to represent Warwickshire in both County and Senior Pairs competitions in the same year.

This is also the Fifth time we have represented Warwickshire at the National Finals  again a record achievement...

Rob Robinson


Recycling and the damage caused to our environment by plastics has hit the headlines.

However, one of our sponsors, Moofresh have been doing their bit for a lot longer than that, Based at Wishaw, they deliver milk to your door in glass bottles. Each glass bottle does about 20 journeys and can then be fully recycled. Are YOU doing your bit for the environment?

For the last open day, they delivered 2,000 of our leaflets to their customers free of charge. They also do similar things for other local charities.

Last night we played the 3rd Round of the men's national Bowls England 2 - 4's knock out competition which goes all the way through to September... despite the absence of two normal members of the squad, we beat Nuneaton 32:34 in a thrilling game - and now play Northampton in the next round by 14th July. This was a somewhat unexpected result! The squad was Richard Brittan, myself, Allen Onion, Ray Woods, Phil Bond, Paul Vaughan , Mark Ireland and Neil Ballinger. Well done all!

                      Rob Robinson and Richard Brittan

Warwickshire County Pairs:
Quarter Final results were Richard Brittan/Rob Robinson 24 Ian Harrison/Graham Ashby (Nuneaton 23   Allen Onion /Mark Ireland lost on an extra end 20-18 to John Collett/ Fred West (Stoke )
We now play Andrew Manning /Dave Fallon from Nuneaton on County semi-finals day which is on Sunday 7th July at Rugby Bowls Club.

Bowls England Senior Pairs:
Also yesterday Richard and myself beat Richard Lewis /Richard Gaunt from Avenue Coventry at Avenue 19-12 to again reach the semi-final

Bowls England National 2 4s
Erdington are away to Nuneaton this Sunday in the 3rd round

County Senior Fours;
Onion, Bond, Robinson and Brittan play the quarter final next Friday at Nuneaton against Colin Hall from Rugby

BBA League
The 'A' team continued its winning streak at Handsworth. The result was: Erdington Court 38 Handsworth Wood 30, Erdington 6 points, Handsworth 0. We remain unbeaten.

As you can see, there are matches virtually every night, so apologies if you haven't seen much of me!

Rob Robinson

The Court team led by Peter Yates, beat Kings Heath away 91:78. Another good result. Newer Club members are welcome to join our teams, Just put your name on the lists in the foyer. Next game is away to Sutton Methodists on Sunday 7th July.

The Ladies Yellow team (Pam Ellis,Brenda Bosley, Pat Court and Chris Reid) were all in top form, chalking up another great win. This time against Handsworth Wood, winning by 31 shots to 4.
Ann Mason

The 'A' team took a maximum 6 points at home to Blossomfield. We won on Rink 1 by 20:9 and on Rink 2 by 15:12. The 'B' team were away to Bournville and got 4 points, winning on one rink 9:24 and taking the match overall by 30:40



Before Mark from local company Boldmere Glass came this week, the two  centre panes of glass in our double glazed windows were misted up - because the seals had failed. In a short time, Mark had installed two new panes and you can see the results for yourself.

The Company also supplied new windows for the Club's lounge 2-3 years ago and were one of its first sponsors.

To contact Mark for a free quote. Call: 0121 350 4311.

Ray Woods



It was the turn of Erdington Court ladies to be in the spotlight this week. Around 40% of the Club's membership are ladies.

The Court have two teams in the Birmingham Bowls Association (BBA) Ivy League. This week the ladies secured maximum points in a double header against Kings Heath. This was despite having to deal with last minute team changes due to illness and injury.

Blue team led by Eileen Merrick from New Oscott won at home 29-10.  Diane Ludlow from Sutton Coldfield was drafted in at the last minute and had a good game in her first inter club league match. Blues are on a roll, having won 3 consecutive games.

Picture above: Left - Kings Heath led by Mags Morgans and Right - Erdington Court led by Eileen Merrick

Yellows led by Ann Mason from Walmley also won away to Kings Heath 25-10. They have won 5 of their first 7 games.

It was a mixed bag for the men playing in the BBA's Evergreens League at home to Solihull.The Court took 2 points, despite losing heavily on one of the two rinks.

In the main BBA Men's League, the Court's 'A' team have now won all 8 games to-date and top the League - with Sherwood Park 'A' team (Hall Green) in second place.

Like many, the day came when we could no longer look after my mother. We had coped with the trauma of my mother's descent into advanced dementia. Then, while struggling to cope with that, we had to go in search of a care home for her - a task for which we had no preparation and little support. I wish we had known then about CHS Healthcare and their FREE service.. - based in Lower Parade Sutton Coldfield, one of our kind sponsors.
Ray Woods

You might think that Bowls fixtures would have been wrecked by the weather, but this is not a fair weather sport - and a number of crucial games have continued to be played.

A team of 8 players from Erdington Court were at home to the Northampton Express Club (above) in the Bowls England 2  4's national competition. The Court, led by Rob Robinson from Four Oaks trailed for most of the match - but snatched a dramatic lead in the 20th end to win 38:37!

A team from Erdington Court had just completed its best ever run in the Warwickshire County Triples League. In the quarter finals, they lost by just 17:16 to Whitnash.

In the Birmingham Bowling Association's (BBA) Ivy League, the ladies of the Court's blue team managed to dodge the rain to win another stunning home victory - this time against Solihull Municipal 27:9.

Again in the BBA, the Court's Men's  'A' team led by Peter Yates from Sutton Coldfield took 4 points against Handsworth Wood scoring 30:27. The team has scored an aggregate 226 points vs 189 against.


Sponsor Jarrod Morgan was at the Club to meet members. Jarrod kindly sponsors the annual indoor Sandy Powell competition, providing afternoon tea at the Ramada for the winning team and their partners. BUT - HOW MANY OF YOU KNOW HOW JARROD CAN HELP YOU? Find out here.


The BLUE TEAM (Mary Webster, Brenda Bosley, Shirley Watts and Eileen Merrick) managed to dodge the rain to record another stunning victory against Solihull 27--9 this week.
YELLOWS were without a match this week
Ann Mason

Erdington Court has had some tremendous victories recently in the County Triples League - but none more sensational than beating Sherwood Park led by Mal Evans - one of the top sides in Birmingham. The Court team of Richard Brittan (Staffs), Mark Ireland (Hodge Hill) and Rob Robinson (Four Oaks) won 22:1. Well done guys!

We followed up our win on Monday against Sherwood Park, with a 21-6 win against Lawson Bailey and team at Handsworth and then against John Godfrey and the other Sherwood Park team 26:4 away
In County Triples, we keep playing alternate nights if we win - up to the semi final stage.
Rob Robinson


9TH JUNE 2019

The Saturday away fixture at Handsworth Wood had to be cancelled due to the weather.

On Sunday, led by acting Captain Roy Webster we played host to our friends from Thistle Bowling Club near Tamworth. In a not very hospitable way, we beat them 72:53. However they have the opportunity to take their revenge in a few weeks time when we visit their ground!



'A' team is top of the BBA league having won the first 7 games and are well on the way to a fourth title in a row

Club won first round match of National Top Club comp against Solihull Municipal 4-1  and now face Avenue Coventry at Home on Tuesday

Club beat Sherwood Park on both rinks yesterday in Bowls England National 2-4s .Winning by an impressive 57 shots to 20 Now have to play a team from Northampton at home in the next round.

Just got back from Solihull Municipal after playing Senior Fours against Paul Jones. Winning 25-13 team was Allen Onion Phil Bond myself and Richard Brittan. Now play Colin Jacox from Avenue Coventry on a neutral green ( Welford ).

Rob Robinson

The BBA 'B' team had quite a battle with Solihull Municipal 'B' at home on Tuesday 28th. Mike Kilby's team comfortably had the better of their opponents. Dave Mitchell's team however were up against a very strong side and were behind for most of the match. Towards the end however our lads put in a sterling effort and pulled one shot ahead with one end to go. Solihull took the last end for a narrow win, but Dave, Ron Statham, Simon Kimberley and Reg Warner had done enough to secure us 4 points to double the 'B' team score for the season and"regain a little traction".
Peter Yates

Blue team have had their matches called off for the past 2 Mondays and these will be re-arranged later in the season.
Meanwhile the Yellow team (Lorna Bournes, Ann Mason,Pat Court and Lorely Edwards)won away at Solihull 19--8, but the Yellows unbeaten run came to an end this week when they lost by a single shot away at Sherwood Park.
Pat Court, Denise Szostek, Chris Reid and Lorely Edwards after an uncertain start fought back to close a considerable deficit, but eventually lost 15--16.
Ann Mason

Evergreens beat Handsworth Wood. Won on one rink drew the other. 29 shots for 23 to take 5 points.
John Reid


Yet another Club cancelled their visit to us for a week end fixture .However our ever resourceful Peter Yates leapt into action (well strolled!) and hastily organised the annual Ellis Hartland trophy game attended by 40 Club members (using all 6 rinks) - more than many Clubs could field in total! The result was an overwhelming win for Tim Hartland's side. However, there was a shock defeat for Tim on his own rink - losing to Lorna Bournes, John Reid and Ray Woods in a very tight game.


Erdington Court star Mark Ireland from Hodge Hill,has qualified for the Bowls England National 2 Wood Finals in Leamington that begin on 27th August - having taken on some of the best bowlers in Warwickshire.

It follows his 3 outstanding games at Bidford that took him through to the Warwickshire County 2 wood final on 28th July at Norgren (Shipston On Stour).Through to the last 16, he beat Andy Prickett (Welford) 16-9, the Quarter Final v Rob Corp (Sherwood Park) 15-8 and Semi Final v Tom Wheeler (Rugby) 14-13. The Final will be against Martin Heitzman (Avenue Leamington).


In recent years we have been lucky to receive the support of a record number of sponsors. They are all locally based and their support is helping with both prizes and ongoing development of the Club. It is however a 2 way street and we would appreciate the help of members in supporting them. We will regularly be featuring the services that sponsors can offer the members.

A full list appears on the home page of this web site here:

Testimonials from members would be welcome. Here is just one that we received recently about STAR CARS.

'Switched from Parkers to Star when I knew that they sponsored the Club. I used them over the weekend. The lady that took the details was extremely pleasant . No sooner had I put the phone down I had a confirmation text that included details of the car which arrived as I read it! The driver was a real gentleman,he kindly helped me in and out of the car . As a result I am recommending Star to my friends!'

All photos from the evening are now available using this link:

This first fixture of the season had a capacity turn out - with 40 members taking part, some of them new to the Club - which was great! Some Clubs don't have that many members! Unfortunately it proved to be a bruising encounter for the ladies, with the men winning on 5 out of the 6 rinks. The overall score was 82: 115. This is against the run of play in recent years and can only spur the ladies on to do better in the fixture on 11th September.

Keith was the lovely gentleman with the eye patch who played bowls mainly on a Tuesday and Thursday morning. He was a very good bowler and popular amongst his playing companions.
His funeral will take place at Streetly Crematorium at 3.15pm on Friday 10th May. His wake will follow at Calderfields Golf and Country Club, Aldridge Rd, Walsall WS4 2JS

Peter Yates

The Club's two teams in the Ivy League were matched against each other in this week's match. As usual, it proved to be a highly competitive affair with the result in doubt right up to the last few woods.
Blue team, (Mary Webster, Lorna Bournes, Denise Szostek and Terry Yates) took an early lead with Yellows  (Pat Court, Ann Mason,Chris Reid and Lorely Edwards) having to work hard to level the scores after 8 ends played.
Yellow team then picked up 6 shots and after 14 ends played established an 18--8 lead.
Blues then hit back scoring scoring a 5 and taking the next three ends, so by the 18th end there was just 2 shots between the teams and everything to play for.
With Blue team holding 3 shots , luck proved to be with Yellows as the jack  was hit through to grateful waiting Yellow bowls! final score 20--16 to Yellows
What a game!
Well done Everyone
Ann Mason
Once again this was well attended. One notable absentee was Keith Robinson our life trustee, who sadly we understand is quite unwell.
Sponsors Neil and Heather Hillman kindly took time out of their busy schedule to attend. Neil Ballinger gave an emotional thank you for the help given to his wife Cindy when she suffered a serious fall at the Club.
Competitions Secretary Peter Yates presented an upbeat report on the club competitions and the state of the Club generally. Entrant numbers for competitions were 25% up with ladies and novices showing good increases. He said that the majority of our members take part in leagues, competitions and or week end matches. Thanks to Peter for all his work and to Pat Court and supporting cast for the fabulous meal. 
Smart new tables and chairs appeared on the outside deck. in time for the new season This furniture has been bought with money from events organised by the social committee and from table top sales in the lounge. The Social Committee (Ken and Lorna Bournes, Pan and Ken Ellis and Richard and Chris Harrison) would like to thank everyone for their support. Previously, the Committee has purchased new chairs and blinds for the lounge).
The Club's Ladies' Ivy League teams played their opening matches.
Aiming to improve on last season's second and fourth positions both teams made strong starts.
Blue team , Terry Yates, Shirley Watts, Joyce Terry and Eileen Merrick won away from home against last year's Ivy League winners, Handsworth Wood 15--8.
Yellow team, Pat Court, Denise Szostek (making her league debut), Chris Reid and Lorely Edwards showed good early season form posting a 31--9 win at home against West Midlands Police.
Ann Mason
This was also a great success, beginning with a drinks reception hosted by incoming President Reg Warner. - and with a huge number of 48 players taking part. It took the form of individuals rotating from team to another, playing 6 ends each time and carrying their team scores as personal rolling totals.

All  prizes were kindly provided by Neil and Heather Hillman of 'So Different' - authorised distributors for Utility Warehouse.

Their contribution reflected the number of members who have signed up  to save money on their gas,electricity, and/or broadband and mobile phones.



We had 36 players , each playing 5 ends and changing rink and playing another team.  The ladies lost overall 42 - 51 with skips Terry Yates's team playing Ken Ellis's in the play off.  Terry’s team (which included Mary Heath and Arthur Price) won and received a small bottle of wine each. Tim was thanked for his role as Captain up to Christmas and we wished everyone good luck in the outdoor season.


Pat Court



2 days of finals competitions were the climax of months of  competition rounds at Erdington Court Bowls Club - involving over 50 men and women bowlers. The finals featured singles, pairs and fours contests.

Highlight of the week end was the final of the Sandy Powell Competition sponsored by Jarrod Morgan Financial Planning of Lichfield. The winners received the trophy and 2 tickets each for afternoon tea at Sutton Coldfield's Ramada Hotel.

Fullresults to follow.

All pictures can be viewed here.


The next President of the Birmingham District Women's Bowling Association comes from Sutton Coldfield and has been an active member of the local community. She is the current Captain at Erdington Court Bowls Club.

Pat Court lives in Wylde Green and was a former Team Manager for Birmingham City Council Social Services covering Perry Barr- and also a Committee Member of Age Concern Kingstanding. On retirement. Pat became the Chairperson of the Sutton Coldfield National Osteoporosis Society for 12 years. She has been a member of Erdington Court Bowls Club for 17 years. Pat is a keen gardener and proud dog owner. She was previously in the choir at Hollyfields Towns Women's Guild, but now concentrates on her work at the Bowls Club.

She has played an active role in the life of the Club, organising tours of other clubs within the UK - and captaining both mixed and ladies teams in competitive matches. She has played in the national bowls pairs competition and at County level.

Pat told us " I had a taster session at the Club when I was working and then applied for formal coaching when I retired. I am happy to play in any team position, but often get chosen to play skip when others seem reluctant!"

A spokesperson for the Club said, "This is a great honour for Erdington Court. Pat has played a major part in the growing strength of our ladies teams and is always very supportive of both men and women new members. Playing in competitive matches can seem a daunting experience, but Pat goes out of her way to put newer members at their ease."



Members of the Court's top squad took the honours at the Warwickshire County Finals on Saturday at Birmingham Indoor Bowls Club.

Rob Robinson and Mark Ireland beat  Paul Mason and Andy Bailey from Tamworth in the pairs 16:26. This was the first time that a Court pair had taken the title for 10 years.

Allen Onion, Mark Ireland and Phil Bond were pitted against Dave Gibbons, Geoff Newton and Andy Sparks from Avon Valley (Gaydon) in the triples -  also winning, comfortably 23:12.
MARCH 2019 


At 95 years old, many would have given up active sport, but Sutton Coldfield member Reg Warner has just been elected President of the Club for the next 2 years.

Reg has been  a member for over 27 years and remains an active player. Not content with that, he continues to take part in line dancing in and around Sutton Coldfield, Walmley and Streetly 2-3 times a week - pumped up by his daily early morning  fitness routine. Until recently, he also played table tennis regularly.

Reg served in the navy during World War 2 from 1942 - 1946 and in the 1950's, he was a member of Erdington YMCA's team that won the Birmingham Closed Singles Competition.

At 89, Reg took part in the Great Midlands Fun Run in Sutton Coldfield.

Reg said that he was flattered and delighted to be chosen to be President of the Club and was looking forward to taking up office in April. He continued
"I love playing at Erdington Court. Everyone is cheerful and I love the informality and the company."

Bowls ticks all the boxes as we get older - including regular exercise, maintaining and developing eye and hand co-ordination - and as Reg says, good company!"

An average game takes about 2 hours and will involve something like 6,000 - 7,000 steps - for those who like measuring these things. We have members of all ages at the Club from their 20's onwards - and we hope to form a youth squad at some point.The Club offers free coaching without commitment."
MARCH 2019


Both women and men members of Erdington Court are able to play in numerous competitions and Leagues at Birmingham, Warwickshire and even national level. This is because the Club affiliates to the respective bodies.

In the indoor season, the Club provides teams for the County's teams - playing against other Counties and bodies.

In the most recent contest at Avon Valley Indoor Bowls Club,, the men's squad formed part of the County team against a national team from the Fire Service. Members of the Fire Service team travelled from as far away as Cornwall and Dorset.

Above L2 R: The Court team who played the Fire service
Alan Bowen, David Ballantyne, John Green and Ray Woods.

The Erdington squad got off to a shaky start and were 1:10 down. However after 4 hours of determined play, the Court team led by Ray Woods from Pype Hayes had fought back and the score was 23:24. The Court scored 1 on the last end to draw the game 24:24. Overall, it was a convincing win for Warwickshire.

Earlier in the week, men and women from Erdington Court found themselves on opposite sides in a County men vs women fixture at the 8 rink Rugby Thornfield Indoor Bowls Club - though thankfully not on the same rink! The men had more to smile about though, as the men beat the County ladies by a healthy margin.

Below: Pat Court, Bill Ensor, Joyce Terry. George Gowler, Eileen Merrick, John Green, Chris Reid and Neil Ballinger

16th Feb 2019

Club sponsor Jarrod Morgan kicked off our 3 week Sandy Powell Indoor Fours Competition - featuring 32 male and female members.

This prestigious competition reaches a climax at the Club's Finals Day on Saturday 30th March - before the Club moves outdoors to its 6 rink all-weather rinks.

Every participant received a free goody bag and Jarrod kindly provided prizes for a free raffle.

This competition is always over subscribed. Jarrod Morgan Financial Planning based in Lichfield have been sponsoring this competition for 3 years - and the winning team and their partners will receive afternoon tea at the Ramada Hotel thanks to them. We are really grateful for their support and that of all our sponsors - 10 in total, all based locally.

Erdington Court held their own at their Bowling Green Close arena against Greyfriars from Coventry, in a friendly fours match. Despite losing heavily on the Greyfriars Captain's rink, the Court - with a large female representation, dug in to win this closely fought game 64:60.taking 3 of the 4 rinks.

In the Men's County 2 rink Warwick Trophy League, at Welford on Avon, the Court team managed to secure the 3 bonus points to win overall 5:2. The squad led by John Pritchard from Sutton accompanied by Paul Vaughan - also from Sutton, Tim Hartland from Erdington, and new recruit - student Dan Jones from the Birmingham Conservatoire won by double figures. Meanwhile Allen Onion and Antony Gould from Sutton, Bill Ensor from Aston and captain Phil Bond from Hurley in Warks struggled, but scored enough shots to contribute to the overall win.

Earlier in the week, the Club Ladies led by Pat Court  from Wylde Green,completed a season's hat trick against the Club men, winning heavily 56:77. It all goes down to the wire now in the final match of the season on 6th March. Club spokesperson Ray Woods said,
"Bowls has always led the way in mixed sports. Over 40% of our members are female and the ladies squad gets stronger each season. We work hard to provide a supportive environment for all new members and I think this has proved to be particularly effective in the case of the ladies - who go from strength to strength."

ABOVE: Greyfriars left Captained by Roy Lawrence against Erdington Court led by Pat Court from Wylde Green.
BELOW: Erdington Court Ladies led by Pat Court (left) ready to take on the Club men captained by Tim Hartland from Erdington and the rink scores.


Erdington Court provides opportunities for players of all abilities and at all levels.

The Club is affiliated to City, County and national bowls organisations.

Warwickshire provide a number of opportunities to play 'friendlies' against other Counties at home and away. This gives our Club the chance to give an outing to members who would not normally get the opportunity at play at that level.

The most recent of these was against Oxford and was hosted by Welford On Avon Indoor Bowls Club.  The squad pictured L2R  was Bill Ensor from Aston, Neil Ballinger from New Oscott, Clive Wilkins from Wylde Green and Ray Woods (Acting Skip) from Pype Hayes.

Also pictured below is Bill Ensor after receiving his Colts Badge for  playing for the first time. Neil got his on the previous outing.

For more details call 07967 686230.

January 26th
A tough match at home against Bromsgrove (left) saw the visitors led by Chris Jenkins win deservedly by 55:59 - with the rink honours falling 2 to Bromsgrove, 1 to Erdington and 1 drawn. Pat Court led the home side.

A busy day at Erdington Court's Indoor Bowling Green Close arena saw the home side beat Tamworth in the morning and Measham in the afternoon.The Tamworth fixture was the latest round of the County's Warwick Trophy - with the Court captained by Rob Robinson from Sutton Coldfield winning 42:33 to take 5 competition points. In the afternoon friendly, the Court led by Erdington's Tim Hartland won by just 3 points 51:48.

These followed a home win led by Pat Court from Wylde Green of 71:48 against Greyfriars from Coventry in another friendly.

In a startling return to form, the Club Ladies again led by Pat Court, began the year in style - beating the men convincingly 68:48. The men are plotting their come back in February!


Over 40 Club members, friends and family turned out for the traditional Boxing Day morning fixture on Erdington Court's 6 all-weather greens. Mulled wine and mince pies enhanced the event's attraction - which sees more players each year as the Club grows.

Organisers of the event were Rob and Hilary Robinson from Four Oaks and their family.

Winner of the junior section was 8 year old Poppy Foden from Wood End and the senior winner was Matthew Williams from Sutton Coldfield.
We are sorry to report the death of Reg Hacker. Reg was a member of the Club all his life - playing tennis and bowls from his early days. He was a member of the Erdington Methodists four that were National Champions in 1978. Shortly afterwards he contracted MS but continued to play bowls for many years and was Club Coach for a long period of time. Although his home was adapted for him, as his condition progressed they decided to move. He and Audrey moved into the 'Village' when it first opened and has lived there ever since.

The Star Cars and Coaches Road to Santa pairs competition culminated in an all female final at Erdington Court Bowls Club after nearly 4 hours of play in total, at the Court's full size indoor arena in Bowling Green Close.

The Cup finalists were Brenda Bosley from Erdington and Eileen Merrick from New Oscott against Chris Reid from Pype Hayes and Doreen Cresswell from Sutton Coldfield - with Chris and Doreen emerging convincing winners 21:6 after picking up 6 on the last end. All four had to play a total of 24 ends in nearly 4 hours of play - including the semi finals.

Winners of the Plate were Colin Heath and Jean Clements.

Emma Markham, Director of Star Cars and Coaches who provided £90 of prizes said,
"We are delighted to be sponsoring the Club this season and would like to congratulate the winning team - and offer a huge well done to everyone else involved in this 3 week event.

Star Cars would like to wish the Club the best of luck during 2019 fixtures."


This Saturday (15TH DECEMBER) sees the semi finals and  finals of the Club's 'Star Cars and Coaches Road to Santa' - sponsored for the first time by the Yenton based company. There are two events in this Pairs Competition- the Cup and the Plate - which has taken place over 3 week ends and featured 32 of the Club's best male and female players.

Spokesman for the Club Ray Woods said
"We are delighted that Star Cars and Coaches are sponsoring this event for the first time this year. It is a real vote of confidence in our Club which continues to attract new members - thanks to our  indoor arena. Another sponsor Moofresh from Wishaw will be supplying fresh milk for the teas and coffees!

Sponsorship generally is up by more than 100% as we continue to build long term link with local companies. We thank them all for their support.

Spectators are welcome on Saturday with the semi finals beginning at 2pm and finals at 4pm - a grueling afternoon for the finalists,"

On the wider front, the Court beat Friary Club from Lichfield from by 78:56 away at Tamworth, in the last inter-club  match before Christmas.

The Club men continue to defy the growing strength of the ladies, with the margin of victory narrowing in the latest two monthly fours fixture to 63:51

Boxing Day morning sees the annual fun fixture on the outdoor all-weather green. This is open to friends and families of members and will feature mulled wine and mince pies.

Erdington Court welcomes new members and offers free coaching. To find out more, call 07967 686230. You can also visit their web site at and follow them on Facebook at Erdington Court Bowls Club and at witter:@bowlsflat.
Picture Above:
Erdington Court Ladies led by Ruth Acum with Tim Hartland and his successful men's team.
Below: The match in progress.

The Court's run of success continued with an away win at Shrewsbury by 86:84 - led once more by Pat Court from Wylde Green. Court Ladies Terry Yates from Sutton Coldfield and Eileen Merrick from New Oscott again featured in the Court's best rink performance - winning by 11 points.
28th October 2018

The growing strength of the ladies squad at Erdington Court was on display at home at Bowling Green Close.

The Court women took on the the rest of Warwickshire Ladies, winning comprehensively 65:27.

They then joined up with the Club men to beat local rivals Handsworth Wood 35:11. In that match, the winning team members were Terry Yates and  Colin Heath from from Sutton Coldfield, Eileen Merrick from New Oscott and Joyce Terry from Great Barr. The same squad achieved the maximum possible score in one end - qualifying for a Bowls International magazine 'hot shots' award each.

Around 40% of the members at Erdington Court are ladies.

Mark Ireland

16 September at 21:01 ·

Well that’s the end of the outdoor bowls season, Birmingham triples and 4 wood singles added to 2 wood , fours and team cup from yesterday. This along with county pairs winners, county fours runners up and club championship and pairs winners, made it the one of the best seasons ever.

Just want to say a big thank you to all team mates, county colleagues and opponents for making me feel so welcome back after missing last season and the enjoyment we have had together, especially Rob Robinson, Richard Brittan and Allen Onion at Erdington Court, and Andy Prickett and Darren Ward along with Richard on the Middleton cup county rink and Martin Murley for giving me the chance as a county skip.

The biggest thanks of all to my wonderful wife Christine Marie Bissell for her support and letting me out to play. Love you loads xx

Monday 15th September

The finals of the prestigious Birmingham Bowling Association held at Kings Heath, saw Erdington Court and Sherwood Park in Hall Green make their presence felt.

The week end began well for the Court when they lifted the renowned Walker Trophy - held each year in memory of Bill Walker of Sherwood Park.It was a close call however, with the Court beating Sherwood Park by only 4 points 83:79. The Court squad included newcomer Bill Ensor from Aston.

Court's shining star Mark Ireland from Hodge Hill did not disappoint, winning both the 4 wood and 2 wood singles - both against top player Malcolm Evans from Sherwood Park - 16:21 in a tight 4 wood game and 17:5 in the 2 wood.

In the Triples (W J Morgan Trophy), it was Court against Court - with the team of Allen Onion and Rob Robinson both from Sutton Coldfield and Mark Ireland beating Antony Gould and John Pritchard from Sutton Coldfield and Phil Bond from Hurley, Warks 4:23.

In the Fours (Innes Fours Trophy), Allen Onion, Rob Robinson, Phil Bond and Mark Ireland triumphed again, beating the Sherwood Park team of Rob Corp, Alex Lewis, Hugh Dunachie and Malcolm Evans 24:18.

In other results, Malcolm Evans and Alex Lewis of Sherwood Park got their revenge on Erdington Court in the pairs (Eli Fletcher Cup), beating Antony Gould and Phil Bond 21:9. Malcolm Evans continued his winning streak, with partner Gill Maund beating the Kings Heath's Ian Brown and Janet Tranter 23:14 in the mixed pairs. Paul Jones of Solihull Municipal won the Champion of Champions, beating Ken Nichols of West Midlands Police 21:7.

BBA Left with Brian Rogers: Erdington Court Right led by Antony Gould


The Court were at home to the rest of the Birmingham Bowling Association (BBA) yesterday for the Tony Cooke Memorial Trophy.  It was a pleasure to welcome all including BBA Vice President Brian Rogers and Tony Cooke's widow Joy. The Court won 131: 107 on 4 of the 6 rinks. #Bowls #BBA

19TH AUGUST 2018

The 6 all weather rinks at Bowling Green Close were in full use for a home tie against Handsworth Wood - one of the largest clubs in the area. A total of 36 players took part - with the Court team led by Ray Woods from Pype Hayes winning 4 of the 6 rinks with an overall score of 117:87.

Meanwhile the Club's top squad led by Rob Robinson from Four Oaks continue their powerful run in the Birmingham Bowling Association (BBA) competitions. They are through to the final of the Walker Trophy - beating the West Midlands Police 3:1 and now face Sherwood Park from Hall Green in the final. Antony Gould from Sutton Coldfield and Phil Bond from Hurley In Warks reached the final of the BBA pairs by beating Ian Brown and Simon Lockwood of Kings Heath. Rob Robinson, Phil Bond, Mark Ireland from Hodge Hill and Allen Onion from Sutton Coldfield are through to the finals of the BBA fours having beaten Solihull Municipal. The 'A' team also won their final BBA League game away to Sherwood Park having already secured top spot.

The top squad led by Rob are in action this week representing Warwickshire in the Bowls England Nation Finals at Leamington - home of the Bowls 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Still in the BBA, the Court's 2 teams in the Evergreens League had success both at home and away. The 'A' team were up against Handsworth Wood at home winning on both rinks 27-12 and 17-14 to take the full 6 points. The 'B team were at Solihull Municipal, also taking 6 points winning 29-6 & 25-5. Court Co-ordinator John Reid of Pype Hayes was delighted, saying

"It was a great effort that means both teams have the chance to finish in the top 3 in the League."


15TH AUGUST 2018

The 3 week summer season of evening bowls came to a successful conclusion on Wednesday 15th August with a hotly contested match between the ladies and men. All was not as it seemed, however, because on three of the ends the men had to endure an additional challenge. 

On end 3 they had to bowl left-handed, on end 6 they had to deliver the bowl between their legs facing away from the jack and on end 9 the lady skip delivered the jack after all bowls had been delivered. This made for some pretty tricky bowling but plenty of laughs particularly from the ladies. In the event the ladies didn't need any help as they trounced the men by 78 shots to 58.

The winning ladies rink with 17 shots up was Pam Ellis, Denise Szostek, Jean Whitney and Eileen Merrick. The winning men's rink with 9 shots up was Philip Watts, Dave Ballantyne and Ken Ellis.

The evening bowls season, comprising different types of competition on each of the three evenings, has been running for three years and is now firmly fixed in the Erdington Court outdoor bowling calendar. This year it attracted a record entry of nearly 100 bowlers over the 3 weeks. The social side to the games proved very popular and all participants enjoyed a light supper and chat after the game when the prize winners were announced. Needless to say the bar was open to help celebrate success or drown sorrows - and there were plenty of takers in both camps.

Peter Yates - Organiser

(Pictured are the two captains with their teams - Peter Yates left and his wife Terry right.)


12TH AUGUST 2018

In the Birmingham Bowls Association's (BBA) top league, Erdington Court's 'A' team continued the dominance which has already led to their unassailable position in the top spot. Led by Rob Robinson from Four Oaks and with members from across the area, they beat Kings Heath at home 55:14.

In the BBA's Evergreens League, the Court's 'A' team beat Handsworth Wood at home 46:26, winning 29:12 on one rink and 17:14 on the other to take the full 6 points. The 'B' team away at Solihull had a slightly narrower win 17:9 on one rink, but losing 15:22 on the other. However, their overall margin meant they took 4 of the 6 points,

In one of the final week-end fixtures of the season, Erdington Court were at home to Kings Heath again, winning 88:71. Kings Heath won 1 of the 5 rinks and drew the other.

The Club has a rash of semi finals being played prior to its busy competitions week-end on Saturday 1st/Sunday 2nd September - to which visitors are welcome. The finals featuring both men and women start at 10am prompt on each day. Visitors can also view the Club's full size indoor arena which will open for new members in the Autumn.

The Court pair of Allen Onion from Sutton Coldfield and Mark Ireland from Hodge Hill continued their barnstorming season by winning the Warwickshire County Pairs. They beat Phil and Dave Green from Norgren in Shipston on Stour 25 -15 in the County Finals.

However Norgren got their revenge - narrowly beating the Court foursome 15:17 in the same finals.

To complete the day, Erdington won third place in the Ivens Cup play off, beating Highway Coventry 24:14. This followed a defeat by Bidford in the semi finals held in the morning.

There was even more good news later in another busy week  - when the Court's 'A' Team took an unassailable lead in the Birmingham Bowling Association's (BBA) top league for the third year running! The squad headed by Mark Ireland beat Kings Heath at home 25:11 and that headed by Rob Robinson from Four Oaks also at home to Kings Heath won 30:3.

With two games in hand, the Court's Ladies Ivy League 'A' Team of Pat Court from Sutton Coldfield, Pam Ellis from Streetly, Ann Mason and Lorely Edwards both from Walmley, chalked up their fourth win in a row - winning away 20 --12 at Handsworth Wood. They now have a window of opportunity to lead the League.

On a lighter note, 30 members took part in the first of a 3 Wednesday evening series of bowls. Winners of the rink of the night went to a pairs group comprising Mary Webster from Wylde Green and Tim Hartland from Erdington, with a score of plus 14.



29TH JULY 2018

The Club's continuing strong performance that has taken its  players into Regional and national finals is also evident at League level.

In the Warwickshire District Ladies league, Erdington Court “A” won their match against Erdington Court “B” 21  - 11, so its all to play for with the last 5 matches in sight.

<<<Allen Onion

In the Men's Birmingham Bowling Association (BBA) A League, a top of the table clash on Tuesday between Solihull Municipal 'A' team and the Court's 'A' team saw a resounding win for Erdington winning on both rinks - securing 6pts.This was followed by another win at Kings Heath, giving the Court another 5 points . Erdington 'A' are now 12 points ahead of Solihull Municipal with 3 games left.

In the quarter finals of the BBA pairs  Allen Onion and Rob Robinson from Four Oaks beat Jim Ward and Bob Smith from Sherwood Park 24-15 - and in a Court only clash, Antony Gould and Phil Bond beat the favourites Richard Brittan and Mark Ireland 21-17.
24TH JULY 2018


Gary Smith, John Pritchard, Phil Bond and Antony Gould beat Solihull in the Birmingham area final by 1 shot last Friday. This means that they will play in the County semi finals in the morning and then hopefully the finals later the same day at Nuneaton Bowling Club on Sunday 29th July.

23RD JULY 2018

Allen Onion and Mark Ireland yesterday won the pairs County Pairs semi final at Welford 21-9 against Graham and Scott Ashby (Nuneaton). County finals day is next Sunday at Nuneaton against Phil and David Green from Norgren - the same players that they are also up against in 4s County final. This means they are through to National Pairs finals starting 27/8/2018, as well as the 4s starting 20/8/2018 both at Leamington.

<< Mark Ireland

Erdington Court Left with Captain David Ballantyne and St Barbara's right

23RD JULY 2018

It was another successful week on all fronts for Erdington Court this week - with over 50 Club players in action.

The big news was that a men's squad from the Court are through to the Bowls England National Fours Finals at Leamington in August. Richard Brittan from Tamworth, Mark Ireland, from Hodge Hill, Allen Onion from Sutton Coldfield and Rob Robinson from Four Oaks, beat Gary Langford of Solihull Municipal in the County semi finals at Welford on Avon.

In a busy week for Rob Robinson, he and Allen Onion beat John Godfrey and Paul Hughes from Sherwood Park in the first round of the Birmingham Bowls Association Pairs competition.

In the County Senior Fours competition, Rob was in action again with Richard Brittan, Allen Onion and Phil Bond to reach the last 16, beating Malcolm George's four from Snitterfield.

Not to be outdone, Mark Ireland won his first round contest in the Birmingham Bowls Association 2-wood competition against Chris Wright from Solihull Municipal.

In the Birmingham Bowls Association's Ivy league,the Court's 'A Team of Brenda Bosley from Erdington, Chris Reid from Pype Hayes and Lorely Edwards, led by Captain Pat Court from Wylde Green were in full flight, beating Solihull Municipal 17:11 after a shaky start.

In the same League, the Court's 'B' team of Lorna Bournes from Erdington, Eileen Merrick from New Oscott,Terry Yates from Sutton Coldfield and Mary Webster from Walmley were playing Kings Heath 'A' team away and drew 15 apiece despite the untimely interruption of a sprinkler on the rink!

The Court's Ladies Warwickshire District Women's Bowls Association 'B' team are enjoying a good run, beating Rowheath 20:12, Kings Heath 'A' 32:6 and Handsworth Wood 18:11, emerging as potential winners of the League.

To round off the week, the Court led by David Ballantyne of Sutton Coldfield took on St Barbara's of Coventry at home for a week end friendly fixture- winning comprehensively 102:69. The next day with Ray Woods of Pype Hayes as Captain,they were away to Bournville - winning on 3 out of the 5 rinks with the overall score 74:85.



FROM: Mark Ireland  Sunday 15th July

Delighted to have reached National 4s bowls finals with Allen Onion Rob Robinson and Richard Brittan after winning county semi final today. Congratulations to other qualifiers, commiserations to those that made it this far.



Evergreens Left: Erdington Court Right: Bournville

The Court's Ladies continue to field teams in a number of leagues. The number of ladies at the Club means that in most cases, they are able to field two teams per league. In the Birmingham Bowling Association's Ivy League, their 'B' team took on Solihull Municipal with a 25:8 decisive win.

<<Ivy League Left Solihull Municipal Right: Erdington Court

In the Birmingham District Women's Bowling Association, the Court's 'A' team headed by Captain Pat Court from Sutton Coldfield had a frustrating end to a game that had looked like it was theirs for the taking. The Court were holding 19 – 18 on the penultimate end, then holding 4 shots on the final end. Fate intervened however when the Sherwood Park skip fired - taking out the jack and meaning that the end had to be replayed. Sherwood Park then took 2 and the Court lost the match 19 – 20.

The Court's  male 'B' team players in the Evergreens League were at home to Bournville.On Rink 1 it was 9 for and 16.5 against. However Rink 2 had an exceptional game, winning 32 for  and 9 against to clinch a valuable 4 points.

The Court's top male players continue their progress in County and area competitions.

The duo of Allen Onion from Sutton Coldfield and Mark Ireland from Hodge Hill won the Warwickshire pairs quarter final against Lewis and Martin Hammond of Three Spires) 21-11. The Semi Final will be on 22nd July against Scott and Graham Ashby of Nuneaton at Welford.

Rob Robinson from Four Oaks and Allen Onion won 22-19 against John Godfrey and Paul Hughes of Sherwood Park in the first round of the Birmingham Bowling Association pairs.

In what is becoming a local derby, the Court were away at Sutton Methodists in Upper Holland Road. The Methodists were keen to avenge their away defeat earlier in the year. This time the rink honours were divided 2 each - with a narrow overall win for the Methodists of 65:62.

All of this takes place against the backdrop of a full programme of the Club's own internal competitions - which feature a number of the Court's newer players taking on more established competitors. In one pairs game alone, the score after 21 ends, was 22:22. 15 minutes later after 3 and a1/4 hours! the score ended 23:22.

Erdington Court welcomes new members of all ages and abilities to help fulfill it's extensive competitive programme and to take part in social bowling sessions on most week days. Free coaching is offered before members join. Erdington Court is unique in the area, having all the year round bowls utilising it's 4 rink full size indoor arena. You can view their web site at and follow them on Facebook at Erdington Court Bowls Club. For more details, call 07967 686230.

Lawn or flat green bowls as it is known, will (as in previous years) feature in the 2022 Commonwealth Games to be hosted by Birmingham - with matches taking place at Leamington

WDBDA Left: Erdington Court Right: Sherwood Park
7TH JULY 2018


45 intrepid travellers arrived back at the Club on Friday 6th July following a highly enjoyable tour to warm and sunny Eastbourne.

We played 4 bowls matches during the week fielding 40 players at 3 venues and 20 players at the other. The bowls clubs we visited were great and their members were welcoming. We won one of the matches and narrowly lost the other three with a highest losing margin of just 13 shots which across 10 rinks is negligible. In fact out of the 35 rinks we played during the week we won 18 and lost 17, a highly creditable performance away from home on grass so well done to all of our players.

The tour finished off with a fun presentation awards evening the theme of which was "St Patrick's Day in July" (photo's to be supplied later!!!). Rinks of the day prizes went to Ruth Acum, Eddie Dodd, Val Steadman, Pam Ellis, Jean Whitney, Margaret Dineen, Mary Parry, Peter Yates, Jean Clements, Gill Essex, Kelvin Watts and Tim Hartland. Rink of the Tour winners were Pat Watts, Sheila Farrar, Eileen Merrick and Tim Hartland.

Lady Bowler of the Tour runner-up was Eileen Merrick and the winner was Margaret Dineen. Men's Bowler of the Tour runner-up was Tim Hartland and the winner was John Green. John never played in a losing side all week!

The "Most Irish Outfit" prizes went to Mary Parry and Eddie Dodd, best supporters prizes went to Rita and Trevor Youster and Pat Court received a thank you gift for fulfilling the Lady Captain's role so ably.

On the coach ride home Tour Organiser, Terry Yates, gave details of next year's tour to Dawlish in Devon with just about everyone on this year's tour wanting to go next year as well. Details of the 2019 tour will be posted on the Club noticeboard soon and given the high degree of interest already, anyone wishing to go is encouraged to get their application form and deposit to Terry as soon as possible as numbers will be limited.

 Peter Yates -  Tour Captain
The Court's Ladies Ivy League team 'B' beat Handsworth Wood 16:20. The Court have two teams in the League with over 14 ladies taking part this season. The 'A' team went on to win away at Kings Heath 10:16 and the 'B' team shared the points with a 10:10 away draw at Rowheath. . The mid term league positions have Team B lying in second place overall while Team A are 7th but have 3 games in hand, so all to play for!

In the Men's Birmingham Bowls Association League, the Court have two teams in the higher League - and for the third year running, their 'A' team is topping the League. The 'B' Team are holding their own at 7th in the table.

In the second round of the National Men's Pair's Competition, Allen Onion and Richard Brittan were in action again,. Despite being 8 points down with 7 ends to go, they won 24:18 against a team from The Avenue Coventry.




Good performance this week by the Court's Ladies Ivy League Team of Terry Yates,Lorna Bournes, Joyce Terry and Eileen Merrick. They beat Handsworth Wood at home 20:16.


The Court's Men's 'A' team,playing at home in the Birmingham Bowling Association's Evergreens League lost to the Court's 'B' team by the narrowest of margins on Rink 1 - 13:14 - but won on the other 20:13. Overall, they took 4 points with the 'B' team claiming 2

Left 'B' Team left under Ken Ellis..

Right - 'A' team led by Tim Hartland



In a busy day on the greens, all the attention was on the latter stages of the 21 end County pairs match featuring some of the Court's top players - Rob Robinson and Richard Brittan against Mark Ireland and Allen Onion. In a match that lasted for over 3 hours, it was 15:14 to Mark and Allen going into the last end. They added another shot to finish 16:14.

16th June
Another good week end win for the Court at home to our good friends at Corley. Winning rink was that led by Acting Captain for June - Roy Webster 30:5. Overall score was: 73: 66. David Ballantyne takes over as acting captain for July.
Good win away at Thistle Bowls Club yesterday on grass - 95:59. Looking forward to welcoming them at Erdington Court. our good friend and colleague Richard Brittan who now plays there - was there to welcome us. Good to have new members taking part.

Not such a good result away at Handsworth Wood on Saturday - lost 97:59!

Club competitions are underway - as well as regional and Birmingham leagues and competitions, so lots to keep everyone busy!

19TH MAY 2018


We won the match 120 v 74, winning 3 rinks, drawing 2 and losing 1.


A bright sunny day welcomed 36 Club players to President's Day - the official start of the outdoor season.

Antony Gould's Captain's team managed to beat David Mitchell's President's team by 100: 91.

David would like it known that although he is seated in picture, this was not due to infirmity, but merely to allow everyone to get in the pic!



This annual favourite got underway in the first of 3 week - end competitions.

There was a full slate of 32 players with some early leaders and fallers!

Still plenty of time to get to the finish and win that afternoon tea at a local hotel - kindly provided by Jarrod Morgan!

Erdington Court's BBA 'B' Team took 4 points against Blossomfield (Solihull), despite only winning on 1 of the 2 rinks. Next match against Handsworth Wood away on Tuesday 6th June at 6.15pm Spectators welcome.