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In Out Shake it all about

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Locally, there are two types of bowls clubs - crown green and flat green. It is often said that never the twain shall meet. However in a new venture by two of the fastest growing clubs in the area, that is exactly what happened.


A 16 strong squad from the Erdington Court Club - which is flat green, went to play crown green bowls away at the Hollyfields Bowls Club in Pype Hayes. The result was a 4:12 win by the home team. However, a second leg held in the Court's 4 rink indoor arena produced a different result - with the Court squeaking a 17:15 aggregate win - in what is now known as the 'In Out ' Cup.


Ray Woods a spokesman for Erdington Court explained,

"There are already close links between the two clubs - with a number of our members playing crown green in the summer months - and in the Autumn and Winter, some Hollyfields players join our Indoor Leagues and competitions, when most other clubs have shut down."


"Only this week, Chris Hall a leading member of Hollyfields won a first round singles match while playing the first round of a national Indoor Champion of Champions match - representing Erdington Court! He beat Neville Southall of Tamworth Indoor Bowls Club 21:20."


"The 'In out' Cup was thoroughly enjoyed by members of both Clubs and is now set to become a permanent feature of the calendar. We see collaboration between local clubs as an essential part of growing interest in the sport - in advance of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in 2022."


Both Clubs welcome new members and offer free coaching.


Erdington Court have their annual open day on Saturday 13th October between 12 noon and 4pm. Personal tours are also available on request. They can be contacted on 07967 686230 and Hollyfields on 0121 373 1018 or you can visit their web sites at and and also on Facebook at Erdington Court Bowls Club and Hollyfields Crown Green Bowling Club.




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A local bowls club has gotta lotta bottle and enlisted a new sponsor.


Fresh milk supplier Moofresh based in Sutton Coldfield and Erdington is the latest local company to support Erdington Court Bowls Club.


Phil Mitchell of MooFresh said,

"We put a lot of emphasis on our local roots and believe that organisations should support each other in these competitive times. Erdington Court Bowls Club is the largest of of its kind in the area and has members in most of the areas that we serve. These include:North East Birmingham, Aldridge, Brownhills, Coleshill, Erdington, Polesworth, Meriden, Marston Green, Shenstone and of course Sutton Coldfield and Tamworth. We are delighted to support the Club's efforts to recruit in these areas.."


Ray Woods, Marketing Officer for the Bowls Club said,

"My wife and I have always had our milk delivered, but the scandal of plastic containers has led to a swing back to glass containers and more customers for companies like Moofresh. Milk bottles do an average of over 20 trips and can be recycled when they get damaged."


"Erdington Court Bowls Club aims to help people to stay healthy - and has a policy of engaging with local companies. Moofresh is a perfect fit, supplying clean healthy products in an eco friendly way. We are really pleased to have the support of Phil and his team, particularly as bowls will feature in the Commonwealth Games to be hosted by Birmingham in 2022."


"We welcome support from other local companies and trades people - and we offer many opportunities to them to promote their goods and services. Other local sponsors already include Boldmere Glass, Ian Hazel Funerals,Jarrod Morgan Financial Planning and Johnson Skoda."


Erdington Court Bowls Club can be contacted on 07967 686230 and you can visit their web site at or via their Facebook page at Erdington Court Bowls Club.


For home delivery of milk and other products, Moofresh offer both a te;lephone and an online service - and can be contacted on 0121 448 0269 or via their web site at

They are also on Facebook at



Issued by Ray Woods, Marketing Officer, Erdington Court Bowls Club 07967 686230


Picture attached from Moofresh of their delivery staff,.


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As our local newspapers get run into the ground, we are increasingly reliant on our own social media output and on great LOCAL web sites like Royal Sutton News." target="_blank">


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In a busy day on the greens, all the attention was on the latter stages of the 21 end County pairs match featuring some of the Court's top players - Rob Robinson and Richard Brittan against Mark Ireland and Allen Onion. In a match that lasted for over 3 hours, it was 15:14 to Mark and Allen going into the last end. They added another shot to finish 16:14.

l 2 r Rob, Richard, Allen and Mark



Bowls Erdington Court

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Erdington Court ended the year with 4 evening and afternoon indoor leagues in full swing - with over 70 members in total taking part.Leading the Thursday night mixed triples League at present is the team led by Chris Hall - and including Dean Mortiboys and Denise Szostek. However this could all be about to change with the imposition of handicaps on the leading teams - based on their first half performance.


The keenly contested annual 'Road to Santa' pairs indoor competition also attracted over 30 Club members and took place over three week ends. Winners of the Cup were Chris Hall for the second year and partnered by John Utting. Runners up were Ken Ellis and Jean Whitney. Elaine Woods and Dean Mortiboys won the separate Plate competition.


The year ended with the annual boxing day morning fun roll-up - again attracting over 30 members and friends to re-visit the all-weather outdoor green. Victorian Bathurst retained the 16 and under title. Ray Woods was the overall winner of the Scapagrene trophy, first awarded in 1976. This was the first year that he had taken part.


In the new year, The Club's Sandy Powell mixed triples Competition begins with a prize of afternoon tea at a top local hotel for the winners - kindly provided by Jarrod Morgan Financial Planning of Lichfield.


The Club has seen an increase of 8-10% in its' Winter indoor membership since its open day in October. For several weeks, over 21 new members have been receiving coaching from Sutton based veterans Jean and Clive Smith.


New investment at the Club has also continued with installation of new step-down stanchions on the indoor green and the acquisition of a defibrillator.


The Club welcomes new members and can be contacted on 0121 373 2440. You can also visit their web site at and follow them on Facebook at Erdington Court Bowls Club.

The Contribution Made By The Robinson Family to Erdington Court Bowls Club

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The Robinson family ran the dental surgery at Wylde Green for over 90 years. The last of the family to work there, Rob, retired this year.


The surviving family members Keith, aged 98, his brother Phil, aged 94, and Keith’s son Rob, aged 63, all live in Sutton Coldfield.


Keith and Phil’s father, Fred, was brought up in the Sir Josiah Mason Orphanage. Fred was one of the founder members of the Erdington Recreational Trust created by the local Methodist Church. He had 5 children - and all of them and their spouses helped at the Club. In total, Fred, Keith, Phil, Russell and Rob have contributed over 350 years of voluntary service to the Club.


The Trust is a registered charity and today incorporates Erdington Court Bowls Club. It makes facilities available to Walmley Cricket Club, having previously had its own cricket teams.


The Bowls Club is the largest of its kind in the north side of the Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield and South Staffs. The vast majority of its 250 members come from Sutton Coldfield. Its indoor arena is the only one of its kind south of Tamworth. Indoor Rink time is also made available to local community groups such as Probus - and support groups for adults with learning difficulties.


Fred was a Trustee until he passed away in 1972. Russell (Keith and Phil’s brother), also a Trustee, died in 2009 after a lifetime of service to the Club.


Rob has been the Chair since 2011, and Keith and Phil remain Trustees. In that role, they have overseen expenditure of over £100,000 in the Club in the last 3 - 4 years and led its resurgence in membership and competitive involvement.


In 1976, Keith, Russell and Philip were Trustees of the Club which drew up plans for the sale of land, the rebuilding of the outdoor green and the building of the new indoor arena. The outdoor arena remains one of the few all-weather greens in the region. At the time, it was one of the first artificial greens in the world.


Led by Rob, the Trustees have also recently implemented a restructuring of the Club’s management team and overseen annual open days - which have led to the recruitment of over 100 new members. Under their encouragement, the Club has also taken part each year in the Sutton Expo and the Sutton Community Games.



He first won a cricket batting cup in 1939 and a further 9 times after WWII. He was MCC cricketer of the year in 1978 for his contribution to administration of the game. His services to club cricket included being Captain, Committee Member and Groundsman (!) for 35 years.


In Bowls, Keith first won the Club’s Singles Championship in 1938. He held over 31 Club titles in total. He also won numerous Birmingham, Warwickshire and Midlands titles. Together with Russell and 2 other Club members, he won the English Bowling Association’s National 4s Championships in 1978.


Keith and Russell represented England in the British Isles Championships in 1979 and Keith also had 6 international trials.


He was Club Secretary for many years and a Birmingham delegate to Warwickshire for 48 years.


He was made a life member of Warwickshire County Bowls Association for his services.


Keith has been a trustee of the Club for over 70 years.




Has been a trustee since 1947 and Chair of the Trust until 2011. Was a cricket and tennis club captain during the 1950’s.


He has been Bowls Club President and Committee member for long periods during the interim.




In 2017 he:

• Was winner of the Birmingham Bowling Association Singles Champion of Champions.


• Also led the Club’s ‘A’ team to win the Birmingham Bowling Association’s (BBA) top division for the second consecutive year in 2017.


• Led a team to the finals of the BBA’s Walker trophy in 2017.


• Was the winner of the Club’s 2017 2 Wood Singles and of the Pairs competition (for the 10th time).


• Also led the Club to victory against the combined might of the BBA to win the coveted Tony Cook trophy.


In 2014:

• He was the winner of the Bowls England National Double Rink Championship.

• He won the BBA 4 Wood Singles and Pairs.


In 2015 he was:

• Warwickshire Pairs Finalist

• Warwickshire Triples Winner

• Midland Counties Triples Finalist

• Warwickshire Senior Pairs Winner

In 2016 he was:

• BBA Triples and Fours winner

• BBA Singles finalist

• Captain of the Club squad that won the BBA’s prestigious Walker Trophy.


He continues to play bowls outdoors for the Warwickshire County Bowls Team in national competitions. HE IS ONE OF VERY FEW BOWLERS TO HAVE PLAYED 100 MIDDLETON CUP GAMES. He also won the English Bowling Association’s National Pairs Championships with Club mate Richard Brittan in 1993 and represented England at the British Isles Bowls Championships the following year.




He was:


• Captain of the Cricket Club on a number of occasions and a committee member for many years.

He was a Bowls player for Warwickshire County, won several County titles and also won the English Bowling Association’s National 4s Championships in 1978 with Keith. He then went on to represent England in the British Isles Bowls Championships (see above).

• President of the Warwickshire Indoor Bowls Association in 1986/1987, and again in 1992/1993

• Secretary of the Warwickshire Vice President’s Bowling Association for 15 years.

• A Club trustee from 1947 until his death in 2009.

Bowls Erdington Court

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Erdington Court has started the indoor season in a growing competitive mood - swollen by an influx of new players in recent years from across the north of the City.


The Court began its first foray into the national Top Club competition for a number of seasons in great form - beating Daventry at home 10: 6 in a tough shoot - out! Veteran Joan Garner from Sutton Coldfield won the Ladies 2 Wood Singles 17: 6. In the mixed pairs, Terry Yates and Captain Antony Gould both from Sutton Coldfield won the mixed pairs 14:10 and Allen Onion and Pat Court from Sutton Coldfield and Phil Bond from Hurley in Warwickshire won the Mixed Triples 26:11.


Meanwhile, Captain Tim Hartland from Erdington led his team to victory in an away friendly at Tamworth 63: 58 - with the rink honours being divided 2 each.


Another 4 man Court squad of John Pritchard and Paul Vaughan (Sutton Coldfield), John Green (Stechford) and Tim Hartland will form part of the Warwickshire team assembled to play Hereford at Tamworth on 1st November.


The Club's own internal weekly leagues have begun a phased start with over 50 members booked to take part in total - and further 19 new players undergoing the Club's introductory 4 weekly coaching programme.


Outdoor Captain Peter Yates, in his speech at the Club's outdoor presentation dinner reflected on a great season now ended with team successes including - the men’s 2 Birmingham Bowling Association teams both winning their respective divisions - meaning the Club will have both teams in the top division in 2018. Individual successes included:- Rob Robinson winning the Birmingham Bowls Association Champion of Champions singles and Antony Gould winning the 2-wood singles - with Paul Vaughan winning and John Pritchard runner-up in the Warwickshire County unbadged singles.

Bowls Erdington Court

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Erdington Court men took on the combined might of the Birmingham Bowling Association (BBA) to win the coveted Tony Cooke Trophy.


Tony Cooke was a stalwart of Solihull Municipal Club - and the Trophy and a Rose Bowl were presented by his widow Joy to Solihull and then in 2016, with her approval, to be used by the BBA. The trophy match takes the form of an annual challenge between the previous year's winners of the BBA's 'A' Division and the rest of the BBA.


Those playing for the BBA against Erdington included top players from well-known local clubs such as Blossomfield, Handsworth Wood, Kings Heath, Rowheath, Sherwood Park, Solihull Municipal, Tamworth and West Midlands Police.


In a tight contest, the Court won 3 of the 5 rinks and an overall score of 135:109.


Club spokesman Ray Woods said,

"This has been a great season for Erdington Court in the BBA - and winning the Tony Cooke Trophy against the rest of the BBA really is the icing on the cake."


Erdington Court welcomes new members and offers a course of free coaching. You can contact them on 0121 373 2440. You can also view their web site at or follow them on Facebook at Erdington Court Bowls Club. The Club has its open day on Saturday 7th October between 1pm and 5pm - where visitors can try out the Club's full-size 4 rink indoor arena. The event will be attended by the Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Councillor Anne Underwood.



Bowls Erdington Court

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The 3-week Summer of Season of Evening Bowls came to a close on Thursday 24th August with 24 bowlers competing in the Ladies versus Men (with a twist) competition which the Ladies won 47 v 36.


There were three "twists" during the game.


On end three the men had to bowl left handed and on end 6 the men had to bowl their bowls between their legs ("tweeners"). "Irish" bowls were played on end 9 where the jack was delivered by the lady skip after all other bowls had been delivered.


Apart from being quite challenging this fun format produced plenty of humorous sights most of which were recorded on film. The game finished after 12 ends when players retired to the lounge for a well earned drink and a light supper.


Prizes were awarded as follows:-


Ladies winning rink: Terry Yates, Mary Webster and Joyce Terry


Men's winning rink: Bill Ensor, Phil Johnson and Tim Hartland


Best "Irish" Bowls rink: Elaine Woods, Linda Sullivan and Pat Court


Best "Tweener"" rink: John Utting, Roy Webster and Mike Kilby



In total 32 players took part during the 3-week evening bowls season so thanks to everyone for their support.



Peter Yates - Outdoor Captain